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May 2007

How to Quit Smoking Naturally Part III: Identify & Prepare for Your Triggers

by cybereel
Now you are ready to move on to the next action item in the process of quitting smoking: Create a list of strategies to beat the cravings. You must prepare for the obstacles. There are two types of addiction that you must cater for: the biological addiction to nicotine and the behavioral addiction to smoking.

March 2007

Steve Pavlina’s Personal Development Blog

by tastuff
Personal Development for Smart People TM ... Prosperity - growth, improvement, expansion, abundance. ... Free Personal Development Insights Newsletter ...

Personal Development

by tastuff
Get free tips for improving your life and achieving all your goals!

11 Simple Principles To Living Your Ultimate Life Starting Today

by tastuff
The 11 Simple Principles To Living Your Ultimate Life Starting Today" multimedia course today, try it out for 90 entire days, and if it doesn't provide you with the positive results in your life -- from your business to your health, to your job, to your relationships -- or for any reason what so ever during that time you decide this is not right for you.

Enlightened Friends

by nasma (via) is a network of people committed to Personal growth and Self improvement. This is a place to find Upliftment, Encouragement and Empowerment. To share ideas, knowledge and to learn from each other in our quest for Personal Freedom.You are welcome to join us, it's free!

December 2006

Change your life

by nasma (via)
Learn how to gain self confidence, get rid of anger, communicate better. Free report!

June 2006


by nisarga
Informative site on the mental foundation of Yoga and Success. Great newsletter and blog with interactive examples.

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