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Save Money The Scottish Way

by rax262
The Scottish have long been famed for their frugality and practicality. Henry Duncan, a Scottish minister, founded the world's first commercial savings bank. Adam Smith, one of the most famous figures in economics also hailed from Scotland.

Stop Keeping Up With The Joneses - They're Broke

by rax262
t used to be that spending money on status symbols for the sake of flaunting your wealth was an activity reserved for celebrities and millionaires. That has all changed. Conspicuous consumption, what was once referred to as "keeping up with the Joneses", has brought the lifestyles of the rich and famous to suburbia.


BNP Paribas Personal Finance - Global Player du crédit, n°1 européen

by julie
Une même entité…Née du rapprochement entre UCB et Cetelem, BNP Paribas Personal Finance* se veut dès aujourd'hui un acteur mondial du crédit.


How to Be Happier with What You Have

by brianwaustin (via)
We may be fabulously wealthy compared to our forefathers, but most of us compare our lives to people who are far wealthier, healthier and more attractive than you. The result is that we make ourselves miserable. So how do you keep yourself happy?



by ToniaM
AllFinanceMatters A personal finance webblog dedicated to discussing such topics as budgeting, asset allocation, IRA, cash flow, insurance, financial planning, portfolio management, and other areas in personal finance.

Free Bill Reminder and Tracking Service

by kingkong77
Whatbills helps me remember my upcoming bills and keep track of things I have paid if I ever need to look them up. It e-mails you a reminder before your bills are do and has a very nice interface to keep up to date on your bills. Also its free.

Get Your Bank Charges Refunded

by tjhooker
A pretty simple site, came across it through Adwords of all things- getting your bank charges refunded is a pretty hot topic right now in the UK, and I needed to find out what to write in my letter to the bank. This site offered a basic but very useful ebook, with step by step instructions. Well worth a look if you are in the UK and have ever incurred charges for stuff like overdrafts and late payments


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