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ADMB Project

by m.meixide
AD Model Builder, or ADMB, the most powerful software package for the development of state-of-the-art nonlinear models, can now be freely downloaded for Windows, Linux, MacOS, and Sun/SPARC ADMB is a free and open source software suite for non-linear statistical modeling. It was created by David Fournier and now being developed by the ADMB Project, a creation of the non-profit ADMB Foundation. An extension of the language, ADMB-RE is available for modeling random effects. What is the advantage of using ADMB? The main advantages are speed, accuracy, stability, and the ability to build large models. ADMB has been estimated to perform faster at solving complex optimization problems than the numerical programming languages GAUSS, MATLAB, S-PLUS, and R. In one example, ADMB solved a minimization problem with 100 parameters in 3 seconds, while the "nlminb" function in R took 93 minutes to achieve the same solution (see for code of both models).


Investigación: Tutorial: Controla tus derechos, facilita el acceso abierto

by m.meixide
REBIUN - L2 Ámbito de investigación: Tutorial: Controla tus derechos, facilita el acceso abierto


Portal gvSIG — gvSIG

by m.meixide
La información geográfica se ha convertido en un factor fundamental para la gestión. En la Asociación gvSIG apostamos por las ventajas que proporciona el software libre y el uso de estándares a la hora de implantar y desarrollar proyectos de sistemas de información geográfica. Calidad y experiencia en una propuesta basada en la independencia tecnológica, la interoperabilidad y el conocimiento compartido.



by m.meixide
CREST is a highly adaptable approach to fisheries and other acoustic data acquisition, using the concept of a "software echo sounder". Computer-based, it lets us combine acoustic data with navigational, environmental and other data as required.


by m.meixide
CASAL (C++ algorithmic stock assessment laboratory) is an advanced software package developed by NIWA for fish stock assessment. The software implements a generalised age- or length-structured fish stock assessment model that allows a great deal of choice in specifying the population dynamics, parameter estimation, and model outputs.

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