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by Xavier Lacot
A service allowing to build pear packages directly and automatically from a github repository. OpenId login. Nifty.

by Xavier Lacot
Pearhub is a pear channel and a pear package publishing platform. As a user, you can install packages. As a developer, you can publish packages.




by Xavier Lacot
A PEAR pakage I was searching for during at least one hour yesterday night. Eases a lot building PEAR package.xml files, without the requirement of a custom package.xml script generator.

Getting Started - DataGrid Wiki

by jean-gael
$layouts = array("view"=>0, "edit"=>1, "filter"=>1); $dgrid->setLayouts($layouts);

PEAR :: Package :: System_Daemon

by kasi77 (via)
System_Daemon is a PHP class that allows developers to create their own daemon applications on Linux systems. The class is focussed entirely on creating spawning standalone daemons, and for example includes: 1. Methods to generate OS-specific startup-files (init.d) (currently only Debian/Ubuntu are supported), so that your application gets started on reboot as well. 2. Methods for logging purposes 3. Simple syntax 4. Support for PEAR's Log package 5. Can run with or without PEAR (PEAR adds more elegance & functionality) 6. Default signal handlers, but optionally reroute signals to your own handlers. 7. Log levels comply with PEAR_LOG_ levels but are called SYSTEM_DAEMON_LOG_ for (in)dependency reasons 8. Set options like max RAM usage Une alternative à

Sniffing refactoring needs

by kasi77 & 2 others (via)
While still messing around with the PHP_CodeSniffer Pear package, I took a somehow jealous 1000 feet look at some prominent code inspection tools of the Java community: PMD and Checkstyle. Browsing their available rule sets/checks I soon recognized that guaranteeing the coding standard adherence is just a partial aspect of these tools. The following post will focus on one of these additional aspects, which is finding problems related to the code size of the inspected code artifacts, by showing how to port two selected rules to sniffs for utilization with the PHP_CodeSniffer tool. These ported sniffs can be used to automatically spot obvious code smells in the code base and to signal the need to apply the appropriate and odour reducing activity known as refactoring. Further more a complete set of code size sniffs, going beyond the trageted realm of the sniffs to come, could be used to speed up the feedback loop and to reduce the effort for manual code reviews.

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