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26 November 2006 21:00


by knann
Screencasts of all kinds of Web 2.0 applications

18 November 2006 12:00

The Blogcast Repository - How to create a Blogcast

by knann
There are several products to use. Camtasia studio is very popular these days, but it's not free. For those who want a solution that is free and easy to get started, follow the directions and watch this video! 1.Download and install Windows Media Player 10 or above if you don't have it. If you install Media Player 10, you may have to restart your computer after the installation. 2. Download and install Windows Encoder 9 if you don't have it. 3.Purchase a good microphone so you can add your voice to the Blogcast. 4.Download our default "" file to your hard drive. 5. Watch the video tutorial on the site link

07 November 2006 10:00

Audacity Tutorial for Podcasters

by knann (via)
Very in-depth audio/video tutorials on how to use Audacity. Six different tutorials available. Follow the Recording setup at least to where the import Lame file is demonstrated. The lame .dll is available in groups in a folder called Audacity.

Audacity 1.2 Tutorial

by knann
An easy to follow tutorial on how to use Audacity for editing an existing clip.

29 October 2006 20:00

::::::::::Assignment Podcast ~ from the BT Education Programme::::::::::

by knann
Learn the basics of podcasting including recording, editing, and presenting.Downloads include activties for different format types.

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