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02 January 2007 TypeFaster Typing Tutor

by knann & 1 other (via)
Free and accessible typing tutor software. Teachers can confugure settings for each student.

18 November 2006

Hear SHS Announcements

by knann (via)
Hear the feed from any website: Copy and Paste this link into the custom feed box: Press Speak then sit back and listen!

04 November 2006 - Podcasting in Education

by knann (via)
Great introduction for anyone interested in podcasting. Bring free audio and video content into the classroom—and post content for others to listen to! Find, subscribe,listen, create podcasts

31 October 2006


by knann & 3 others (via)
Scan, copy and fax with your camera phone or digital camera... What are the applications for classroom use?

Computer Based Study Strategies CBSS

by knann
An Amazing resources for integrating CBSS across the curriculum using Inspiration/Kidpiration. This page lists the following strategies: CBSSfor Planning & Organization: Assignment Planning strategy, CBSS for Reading Electronic Text:Search and Sift strategy, CBSS for Notetaking: Textbook Notetaking strategy, CBSS for Research:Synthesizing Information strategy, CBSS for Writing: Brainstorming strategy, CBSS for Self-Testing: Self-Questioning strategy, CBSS for Representing Knowledge: Timelining strategy

04 October 2006

Google Image Labeler

by knann
Google has rolled out a game named Google Image Labeler. You and someone else from the great Internet ether are joined together and you try to tag or label the image using the same word or words. You get points when you match tags. Ideas for classroom use at bottom of article.

03 October 2006

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