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26 November 2006 13:00

Welcome to Wikispaces - Wikis for Everyone

by knann & 18 others (via)
Probably the best wiki tool for education. They are also giving away 100,00 free wikis for grades K-12

09 November 2006 11:00

OATS Opens Source Assistive Technology Software

by knann
OATSoft is dedicated to improving Assistive Technology and computer accessibility through the power of Open Source development techniques. OATSoft makes the best Open Source Assistive Technology Software (OATS) easy to find. Users and developers meet at OATSoft to create better software. Users can find useful software and discuss and work with developers to get the features that you want.


by knann
Online PowerPoint Presentation on using Wikis in the classroom. An excellent guide.

Star Office 4 Kids: Open Source

by knann
StarOffice 4 Kids has been uniquely designed for easy customization by individual teachers to support specific learning objectives. It is aligned to the needs of a teacher and his or her specific teaching materials and not vice versa. StarOffice 4 Kids allows the teacher to handle an interactive learning process according to learning steps that he or she considers appropriate. Not only according to the age-specific steps of the class, but also in regard to the individual learning progress of the class or a selected group of students. Adjusted to the learning speed of the students a teacher could, for example, easily focus on the fundamentals of word processing. The teacher could start with work sheets with just the functions for using of texts in different fonts and font sizes. Once the students have learnt how to use those functions, the teacher could add new functions to the function toolbar and teach those in a next step. StarOffice 4 Kids makes it easy for the teacher to produce documents for the exercises in class. A teacher can easily transform usual office documents into task sheets for the class and store them into the subject specific folders. The students will find them in the workspace of their class. They will work on them and save them in their own workspace. This workspace only contains the personal files and that is protected from the access of other students. StarOffice 4 Kids documents and user interfaces are based on an XML data format, augmenting the open source StarOffice/OpenOffice format. That way StarOffice 4 Kids guarantees smooth integration and immediate use of external teaching material as provided by publishers in education. Teachers could directly take on the teaching material they need and use it in class.

09 November 2006 08:00

Springdoo – Video says it better

by knann & 1 other
Online audio and/or video email or post to blog service.

31 October 2006 08:00

Computer Based Study Strategies CBSS

by knann
An Amazing resources for integrating CBSS across the curriculum using Inspiration/Kidpiration. This page lists the following strategies: CBSSfor Planning & Organization: Assignment Planning strategy, CBSS for Reading Electronic Text:Search and Sift strategy, CBSS for Notetaking: Textbook Notetaking strategy, CBSS for Research:Synthesizing Information strategy, CBSS for Writing: Brainstorming strategy, CBSS for Self-Testing: Self-Questioning strategy, CBSS for Representing Knowledge: Timelining strategy

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