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Guido Engine Library

by Emaux (via)
The GUIDO Music Notation Format is a formal language for score level music representation. It is a plain-text, i.e. readable and platform independent format capable of representing all information contained in conventional musical scores. The basic GUIDO Format is very flexible and can be easily extended and adapted to capture a wide variety of musical features beyond conventional musical notation (CMN). The GUIDO design is strongly influenced by the objective to facilitate an adequate representation of musical material, from tiny motives up to complex symphonic scores. GUIDO is a general purpose musical notation format; the intended range of application includes notation software, compositional and analytical systems and tools, performance systems, and large musical databases.

MuseScore | Éditeur de partitions gratuit et libre

by Emaux
MuseScore est un logiciel gratuit et libre pour l'édition de partitions de musique et la composition. MuseScore vous permet d'écrire vos partitions, de les transposer, de les écouter et de les imprimer.

NoteEdit - About

by Emaux
NoteEdit is a free music score editor for Linux. It supports an unlimited number and length of staffs, polyphony, a MIDI playback of written notes, chord markings, lyrics, a number of import and export filters to many formats like MIDI, MusicXML, ABC Music, MUP, PMX, MusiXTeX and LilyPond and more


Best Free Partition Manager Freeware for Windows 7, Windows Vista, and Windows XP 32 bit & 64 bit. MiniTool Free Partition Manager Software Home Edition.

by cascamorto
MiniTool Partition Wizard Home Edition is a free partition manager software designed by MiniTool Solution Ltd. Our partition manager supports 32/64 bit Windows Operating System including Windows XP, Vista and Windows 7. Home users can perform complicated partition operations by using this powerful yet free partition manager to manage their hard disk. Functions include: Resizing partitions, Copying partitions, Create partition, Delete partition, Format partition, Convert partition, Explore partition, Hide partition, Change drive letter, Set active partition, Partition Recovery. MiniTool Partition Wizard Home Edition is designated for home user only, to use MiniTool Partition Wizard in a business environment, MiniTool Partition Wizard Professional Edition is required.

WIMA: Werner Icking Music Archive

by Emaux & 1 other
The Werner Icking Music Archive contains a miscellany of subject-specific musical material. Click on the name of a subdirectory containing scores, sound files, typesetting source files, additional README-files etc., or follow the composer links to enjoy fully all of the Archive's possibilities.


Equivalent de Ghost (gratuit)

by cascamorto
Il existe aujourd'hui plusieurs logiciels gratuits/libres pour créer/restaurer une image de partitions qui équivalent le logiciel payant Ghost. Voici une sélection des meilleurs logiciels de création/restauration d'image de partitions gratuits ou libres : Pour Windows Macrium Reflect DriveImage XML Savepart O&O DiskImage Express Pour Linux G4U KBackup PartImage LiveCD GNU/Linux Ultimate Boot CD (UBCD) SystemRescueCD Knoppix Kaella Slax AliXe

Free and handy Disk and Partition Manager –Wondershare Disk Manager

by cascamorto
Most Handy Partition Manager Ever A full set of disk partitioning features lets you take full control of your hard drive. Need to copy, resize, extend, delete, merge, split or recover partitions but fear to lose important data? With this handy and safe partition manager, you can Do It Yourself. Create Partition: create a new partition or re-partition your hard drive for better usage. Delete Partition: delete a partition or delete all partitions. You can choose whether to shred data in the partition. Resize Partition: extend a partition to a larger size or reduce a partition without losing data. Copy Partition: copy a partition as well as all files in it for backup. You can save the copy to another partition or another storage device. Recover Partition: recover lost partitions as well as files in it from misoperation, software/hardware failure, or virus attack. Convert Partition: convert FAT to NTFS or vice versa. Set Partition Active: your computer will boot from the active partition. Hide/unhide Partition: make your sensitive partition invisible and prevent unauthorized access. Format Partition: prepare for installing OS or re-organizing your hard disk. Disk Copy & Management Disk Management allows you to copy hard disk for backup or upgrading to a new hard drive, and delete all partitions in one time. Copy Disk: create an exact disk copy for backup or upgrading to a new hard drive. Delete All Partitions: delete all partition in one time quickly. Complete Wizards for Multiple Partitioning Tasks Five intelligent partition wizards (resize partition wizard, create partition wizard, delete partition wizard, copy partition wizard and recover partition wizard) included in Wondershare Disk Manager help you complete multiple partitioning operations in a breeze.

MusicXML Overview |

by Emaux
Recordare has developed MusicXML™ technology to create an Internet-friendly method of publishing musical scores, enabling musicians and music fans to get more out of their online music. MusicXML 2.0 files will soon serve the same role for interactive sheet music that MP3 files serve for recorded music.

Guide de recherche de partitions gratuites sur internet

by Emaux & 2 others
Ce guide est le résultat d'heures de recherche de partitions gratuites sur Internet .Si vous cherchez une partition classique en particulier et que vous ne la trouvez pas dans la liste ci dessous , j'essaierai de vous aider. Envoyez moi un email. Des dizaines de sites proposent des partitions gratuites sur Internet mais très peu de sites sont réellement satisfaisants. J'ai sélectionné des sites où il est aisé de s'y retrouver, où les partitions sont de bonne qualité , toutes dans le domaine public et donc gratuites et  légales. Assurez vous que vous disposez des logiciels nécessaires pour télécharger et visionner ces partitions



by pondy (via)
paroles et partitions gratuites de comptines et chansons pour enfants

Accueil - IMSLP

by Emaux & 2 others
IMSLP est une bibliothèque contenant des partitions appartenant au domaine public, ainsi que les œuvres de compositeurs souhaitant partager gracieusement leur musique avec le reste du monde.

FREE EASEUS Partition Master Home Edition: Best Partition Manager freeware for Windows 2000/XP/Vista.

by cascamorto & 3 others
EASEUS Partition Master Home Edition is a FREE ALL-IN-ONE partition solution and disk management utility. It allows you to extend partition (especially for system drive), manage disk space easily, settle low disk space problem under Windows 2000/XP/Vista/Windows 7 (Only for 32 bit, figure out Windows 32 bit or 64 bit). The most popular hard disk management functions are brought together with powerful data protection including: Partition Manager, Partition Recovery Wizard and Disk & Partition Copy Wizard. Top Benefits: * FREE FOR HOME USERS. No Adware and Toolbar. * Extend system partition to maximize computer performance. * Partition Manager utility for better hard disk management and computer performance maximization. * New! Partition Recovery Wizard to perform PC disaster recovery to save data. * Copy Wizard to copy partition or migrate entire hard disk to another without Windows system reinstallation. -- EASEUS Partition Master est un utilitaire complet pour effectuer tout type d'action sur vos disques durs. Vous pourrez créer, redimensionner, modifier la taille et formater vos partitions. En outre, une multitude d'outils sont mis à votre disposition comme par exemple la possibilité de masquer certaines partitions, etc. L'application est compatible avec les disques durs en RAID.

Parted Magic

by cascamorto & 2 others (via)
Parted Magic LiveUSB est un utilitaire linux (GParted et Parted, Partimage, TestDisk, Truecrypt, Clonezilla, G4L, SuperGrubDisk, ddrescue, etc...) se présentant sous la forme d'un cd bootable, d'une clé usb bootable ou d'un pxe vous permettant de partitionner des disques durs. Il est compatible avec les formats ext2, ext3, ext4, fat16, fat32, hfs, hfs+, jfs, linux-swap, ntfs, reiserfs, reiser4, et xfs.

2008 - Guide Tuto SelfImage

by cascamorto
SelfImage est un logiciel d'image disque gratuit et open source capable de sauvegarder et restaurer des partitions ou disques durs entiers. * Présentation du logiciel, paramétrage * Sauvegarder un disque ou une partition * Créer un CD UBCD4Win pour SelfImage et DriveImage XML * Restaurer un disque ou une partition avec UBCD4Win

discothecaires_fr - [DISCOTHECAIRES] RE : Recherche sites de partitions libres

by shadoko
On trouve dans les archives de Discothecaires une liste de liens vers des sites de partitions libres proposée par Stephan Cotrelle (voir ci-dessous)


Parted Magic

by cascamorto
Parted Magic is a Linux LiveCD/USB/PXE with its elemental purpose being to partition hard drives. Optimized at approximately 30MB, the Parted Magic OS employs core programs of GParted and Parted to handle partitioning tasks with ease, while featuring other useful programs (e.g. Partition Image, TestDisk, fdisk, sfdisk, dd, ddrescue, etc.) and an excellent set of documentation to benefit the user. An extensive collection of fileystem tools are also included, as Parted Magic supports the following: ext2, ext3, ext4, fat16, fat32, hfs, hfs , jfs, linux-swap, ntfs, reiserfs, reiser4, and xfs.

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