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New Year 2009 pictures for photo-mosaics

by pictosaic & 1 other
Access to the Best wishes, 2009, fair, cotillons,... pictures gallery for the creation, online and free of your personnalized photo-mosaics

Christmas photographs for photo-mosaics

by pictosaic
Access to the Santa Claus, Christmas trees, snowmen,... pictures gallery for the creation, online and free of your personnalized photo-mosaics


Swinger clubs

by staruser & 1 other
Swinger clubs near you:Costa Mesa, San Bernadino, Riverside, Bay Area, Sacramento, San Jose, Redding, Desert Hot Springs, Long Beach, San Diego Area, Riverside County, Topanga, Lake Elsinore Area, Denver, Colorado Springs, Arvada, Manchester, Philadelphia, Hollywood.....

Sex Novelties

by lovejoy
If you are having a bachelorette party or just need some great sexy gag toys for you and your partner, this is no small collection of sex novelties.

The perplexing tale of Mr. Blank

by YukihiroKawashi
In Paul Auster's 14th novel, a man wakes up in an unfamiliar room, with no memory of who he is or how he came to be there.

'Don't break my heart!'

by YukihiroKawashi
The bazaar sales pitch - it's the chattering art at the crossroads of serious shopping in Istanbul.

Russias Union of Evangelical Baptists Expands Mission

by YukihiroKawashi & 2 others
The Russiabased Union of Evangelical Christians Baptists UECB has made a statement announcing its intentions to intensify its outside contacts

Thousands to Follow Wilberforce as ModernDay Slave Abolitionists

by JomeiKujo
iAmazing Grace Sundayi will kick off 18 February as more than 2500 churches and tens of thousands of individuals across the globe will commemorate the abolition of slavery in the British Empire


New exposure for office parties

by Mal Burns (via)
It's that daft season again when normally staid employees get to let their hair down at annual office parties. A few red faces are becoming a thing of the past though. As The Independent (again) reports, the behaviour is getting much more attention now - thanks to YouTube and its ilk. Yo Ho Ho.


by drip
Attrapez votre Nintendo DS, grise, blanche, noire, rose ou bleue, apportez quelques jeux multijoueurs et rendez-vous quelque part ou ailleurs pour jouer comme des petits fous. Et plus on en est...


by mitsugirlz & 1 other
Le site des MitsuGirlz, 5 copines qui vous racontent leurs coups de coeur et leurs coups de gueule...

Gamers and Drug use: A look into counter culture

by larsonist
The article depicts the counter culture of drug use in the gaming world. Particularly focusing on the use of drugs at video game LAN parties; where the players stay up all night/weekend playing there favorite games together and using drugs together. The article covers various drug use from something typical like marijuana to more unexpected drug use amongst gamers like LSD and Methamphetamines.



SoYouWanna mix a few classic drinks?

by converter
Great list of drinks that never go out of style. Just to get you started, of course.

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