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05 February 2006

Re:Retro - The Classic and Retro Games Blog

by bcpbcp
They do indeed go everywhere. Andreas Wieslander and his band of intrepid film makers/musicians/gamers pay homage to Parappa the Rapper in this excellent video, which is a cover of “Cheep Cheep Cooking Chicken’s Rap” from the first title in the PaRappa series.

21 January 2006

The Essential 50 Part 44: Parappa the Rapper from

by bcpbcp
Graphics and images have been an integral part of every game ever made -- it's a visual medium, after all. What you see is what you get. Even the most primitive games that couldn't draw proper images onscreen at least gave you ASCII art or text. And so it went, throughout gaming history, until Parappa the Rapper finally brought a new sense into play: in NanaOn-Sha's PSone masterpiece, you had to rely on your ears as much as your eyes.

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