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Pakistan launches Taliban assault / BBC NEWS

by jeanruaud
Fierce fighting has broken out as Pakistan's army launched an air and ground offensive against Taliban militants in the South Waziristan area.


Rauru Blog» Blog Archive » YouTube ダウンと経路問題

by kuroyagi
"ところがどうも、この経路公告が、パキスタン国内に止まらず全世界中に流れ出してしまった模様。もちろん本物の YouTube データセンタからも っつう経路公告は流されてます。ところが、ロンゲストマッチという法則に従うと /22 よりも /24 の方が勝つ。世界中のルータがパキスタンからの公告の方を信じてしまい、みんなパキスタンに送ってしまったと。"

Pakistan orders Youtube blocked over cartoons

by soul1383
ISLAMABAD (Reuters) - Pakistan ordered local Internet service providers to block access to the popular Youtube Web site because of cartoons of the Prophet Mohammad that have outraged many Muslims, an industry official said on Sunday. The cartoons,...

Offshore SEO Company

by interactiveguy (via)
eOrganics is all about Organic Results that matters to your online existence. eOrganics is the cutting edge Offshore SEO Outsourcing, Search Engine Optimization and Search Engine Marketing servies provider company in Pakistan.


Text of reference against Chief Justice of Pakistan

by danishthanvi
BEFORE THE SUPREME JUDICIAL COUNCIL, PAKISTAN ISLAMABAD Reference by the President, Islamic Republic of Pakistan under Article 209 of the Constitution Respectfully sheweth: The facts and circumstances necessitating this Reference by the president of the Islamic Republic of Pakistan (”Pakistan”) under Article 209 of the Constitution, briefly stated, are as under: I. The Prime Minister of Pakistan on receipt of information, from several sources, with respect to the conduct of Mr. Justice Iftikhar Muhammad Chaudhry, the Chief Justice of Pakistan (hereinafter referred to as, �the learned judge�) was pleased to advise the President of the Islamic Republic of Pakistan to “direct” the Supreme Judicial Council of Pakistan, in exercise of its powers under Article 209 of the Constitution, to inquire into the matter and report to the President whether the learned judge has been guilty of misconduct and further, whether he should be removed from office?


BBC NEWS | South Asia | India, Pakistan in border talks

by hemanshu_desai (via)
India, Pakistan in border talks Sir Creek Map India and Pakistan have begun two days of talks on a long-running border demarcation issue. The talks will focus on Sir Creek, a narrow strip of marsh land separating India's western border from Pakistan. In May, the two sides decided to do a joint survey of Sir Creek and adjoining areas to obtain information which would allow for better decisions to be made. The talks are part of a tentative peace process between the two neighbours, launched in 2004.

The Islamic Development Bank (IDB) Scholarship Programmes

by infokerja (via)
The Bank`s fund and implement its scholarship programmes as part of its overall effort in the development of human resources of its member countries and those of the Muslim communities in non-member countries.There are three scholarship programmes offered

A-t-il voulu offenser l'islam? - La Libre

by night.kame
La pauvreté intellectuelle de certains responsables serait-elle le plus gros moteur du "politiquement correct" ?

Did We Just Lose? (The war on Terrorism)

by dyre42
I don’t think people are getting the seriousness of this. " In a move that some say appears ‘a total capitulation’ to pro-Taliban forces, Pakistan signed a peace deal with tribal leaders in the North Waziristan region of Pakistan Tuesday, and is withdrawing military forces in exchange for promises that militant tribal groups there will not engage in terrorist activities."

Pakistan: Bachelor and Master Scholarships

by infokerja & 1 other
Pakistan: Bachelor and Master Scholarships


Pakistan deletes 'pro-Bush' poem

by Roberta
Quand même les poèmes dans les livres scolaires sont l'occasion de faire de la propagande...<br/> Sacré pays libre où l'on reçoit la visite si on <a href="" hreflang=fr>commande certains livres dans les bibliothèques</a> !

Ali Imran

by imran
Imran is a guy with a great character and much sex appeal. He has got a nice, muscular body and looks stunning.

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