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May 2006

C-SPAN Owns Stephen Colbert Famous White House Presentation Speech

by pacificIT
Technology Evangelist Robert Sanzalone comments on the recent Stephen Colbert presentation at the White House Correpsondents' Association Dinner. Links to Colbert / C-SPAN videos on Google.

Track Your Comments All Over the Internet: coComment

by pacificIT
Technology Evangelist Robert Sanzalone discusses his discovery of coComment, a hot, new, free web 2.0 service to keep track of your comments on other people's blogs and feeds.

April 2006


by pacificIT & 1 other (via)
A great place for books and stuff.

by pacificIT (via)
An excellent site by musician and blogger Derek K. Miller.

EQO Mobile Internet Phone Service

by pacificIT & 8 others
Software and service bridging mobile phones with Skype. Software download to both computer and phone. Limited number of phones compatible at the moment. - pacificIT

March 2006

Vancouver Sun features Podcasting (Part 2) - Technology presented by Robert Sanzalone - pacificIT

by pacificIT
This is Robert Sanzalone's rant about the second part of the Vancouver Sun's editorial feature on podcasting. This article particularly takes aim at interviewee Darren Barefoot who previously had blogged he did not support podcasting. -

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