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November 2006

TeacherSource | . Tag - You're Delicious! | PBS

by jlesage
may 06 discussion of how delicious works; useful overview and collection of comments. PBS teachersouce is also worth visiting from time to time


by jlesage & 1 other
social bookmarking portal lets users share expertise on some subject; room for author's comments and explanations; more discursive than delicious; less writing than a blog; see "Visual Thinking," also "Ephemeral Films"

July 2006

Bloglines | About Bloglines

by jlesage
I tried a number of ways to do RSS news feeds but could not get the hang of it. This is a site that keeps a free news aggregator for you. It has an intuitive and practical interface. The disadvantage is that once again I contribute to marketing data co

June 2006

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