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December 2006

Blogging as pedagogic practice: by Marcus O'Donnell

by jlesage
theoretical overview and roundup of concepts about Internet and education

November 2006

Notes on The Gaze

by jlesage
Daniel Chandler's overview of the use of an important concept in media theory

Jahsonic, a vocabulary of culture

by jlesage
intriguing website taking up themes and critical theories/ists, with many links; check out "index" link on home page

October 2006

Jahn: Homepage

by jlesage
major figure in narrative theory has much work available online


by jlesage & 1 other
"Screen" is the British Film Institute's major journal; here look at film and television headings for many short articles and resources about UK film/tv

by jlesage
Essay summarizing differences between modernist and postmodernist thought, useful for grad students, those who want to catch up quickly.

September 2006

Film Studies Resources - Academic Info

by jlesage
useful site with lots of resources: bibliographies, "digital library" links, academic programs listed; full text artices; Online Film Collections, Archives, Themes: women, genre, theory; Film History, silent and sound eras, International--by region; Indiv

August 2006

MPI - Participant Rooms

by jlesage
excellent set of academic online essays related to "global and local factors that enable/constrain cultural production and resignification/resistance by a varierty of media audiences"

Autonomy & Solidarity | Autonomy & Solidarity Network

by jlesage
left journal: change comes from self organization of workers and oppressed groups - A Better View of Indian Cinema

by jlesage
analytic writing about Indian cinema; a good place to start if you want to start looking at films from India in a serious way

eLearn: Feature Article

by jlesage & 1 other
good overview of shifts in edtech to new kinds of networked learning

left media resources

by jlesage
left links to alternate analysis of current and historical events

July 2006


by jlesage
important journal covering independent and avant-garde films; complete index; online essays begin with issue no. 26, fall 1992


by jlesage
Danah Boyd's blog specifically for commenting on all the basic readings she did for her PhD exams


by jlesage
one of the few hypertextual sites for film criticism

June 2006

EServer: Cultural Studies and Critical Theory

by jlesage
large bibliography with links to many full text essays--american studies, critical legal studies, literature, marxism, media, popular culture, postcolonialism, queer, race, women's studies

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