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December 2006

artists and

by jlesage & 1 other
extended visual, biographical, and textual database of 20th Century and contemporary visual artists

[debates] A Concise Lexicon of / for the Digital Commons

by jlesage
by Raqs Media Collective / September 2001; keywords not usually used by folks in literature and film, yet they will want to enter the fora where these ideas have a formative influence

November 2006

Jahsonic, a vocabulary of culture

by jlesage
intriguing website taking up themes and critical theories/ists, with many links; check out "index" link on home page

Pierre Bourdieu and taste

by jlesage
overview, with many links; part of a larger, interesting cultural studies site


by jlesage
a very large sociology site from the University of Amsterdam; of particular interest are a section on web sociology and one on famous sociology; site is full of both explanations and links to other full text articles

October 2006

Knowing Knowledge - a photoset on Flickr by George Siemens

by jlesage
for those interested in infoaesthetics, this set of 57 images about aspects of knowledge is a stimulating philosophical exercise and a way to ask students how they might have made an image of similar interacting concepts

July 2006

June 2006

May 2006

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