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December 2006

[debates] A Concise Lexicon of / for the Digital Commons

by jlesage
by Raqs Media Collective / September 2001; keywords not usually used by folks in literature and film, yet they will want to enter the fora where these ideas have a formative influence

November 2006

MIT communications forum archive

by jlesage
the various programs are on many topics of media and mass communications; available in audio, video, or print format; good overview of contemporary media issues by academics and practitioners

Furtherfield Links

by jlesage
extensive set of links to digital art projects, grouped by themes and types

August 2006

Media Studies - Televisuality

by jlesage
a wonderful site, with examples, that explains how tv works visually

MPI - Participant Rooms

by jlesage
excellent set of academic online essays related to "global and local factors that enable/constrain cultural production and resignification/resistance by a varierty of media audiences"

Digital Aesthetics

by jlesage
site to accompany Sean Cubitt's book Digital Aesthetics

June 2006

WJT Mitchell: theories of media glossary

by jlesage
major writer on cultural theory. graphic presentation of media terms with explanations given when clicked on

May 2006

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