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99 Tasks You Can Outsource to a Filipino VA - Zen VA Finder

by ZenVAFinder
99 Tasks You Can Outsource to a Filipino VA - Zen VA Finder


Outsourcing Statistics 2011

by personmark
Running an internet business alone is neither simple nor practical. Sooner or later there will have to be some help needed from experts who can be hired on a regular basis or from internet outsourcing companies which main focus is to give out help for others at a fraction of the usual cost. The need to outsource the different tasks are usually spearheaded by the need to have more time to do other things that need more attention, the need for someone better equipped to handle things like writing, web design, programming and maintenance, and even marketing promotions. Outsourcing the tasks to those who have more experience in these fields may not be painless, but it is definitely more practical. The first thing to do is to really find out what are those tasks that need to be accomplished in the least amount of time possible without costing too much stress on the wallet. Truthfully, some of these outsourcing companies may be expensive, but then, hiring a regular employee with half the skills will cost more because of the duties the employer has to give in exchange. Of course there are pros and cons to everything, especially in outsourcing. There are simply too many complaints written about the services these providers give and yet there are even more written articles on benefits that hiring companies have experienced. Some simply won’t even consider thinking of other options than outsourcing for they find that the benefits definitely outweigh the negative feedbacks. For one thing, outsourcing companies will only assign those who are trained to do specific tasks and usually never over rate themselves. This eliminates the time wasted on having to spend for the training of a new employee to get used to the system and having to spend on equipment to make the whole system work. Outsourcing companies are already fully equipped with the hardware, software and the gray matter. When it comes to highly skilled tasks like accounting, web design, programming and others, these outsourcing companies already have within their coffers their own staff with the necessary skills and they simply assign them over. The getting-to-know stage is limited to a few days up to a week, definitely a shorter amount of time than when hiring someone in office. Hiring and assigning of tasks are also done with ease and as the outsourcing companies rely on their volume and exchange of work, they are most likely never late in submitting their finished work. Eventually, the contractual work is easier on everyone in both accomplishing tasks and cost effectiveness. Working with these offshore companies means that one has to always contend with language, cultural, time schedule and other barriers. It is always best to make arrangements for the time to make communication and submission of accomplished tasks. Because these outsourcing companies are based in countries that depend on the monetary exchange rates, they are also most likely to offer up the least amount of rates. These rates are the considerations that have to be examined, if the rates are lower compared to other companies, they are most likely not the good companies that most are relying on. There are a lot of fly-by-night companies that are overrated and only hire under-skilled personnel.


Programmer Meet Designer - where web developers find web designers

by springnet & 6 others
Hello. You've found "Programmer Meet Designer" — PMD for short. This site was created to unite programmers and designers because rarely is a person good at both programming and designing. PMD helps programmers and designers partner up to make websites

Mycroft - Technology needs people.

by 4004 (via)
Mycroft is a way to earn valuable rewards using a few seconds of your spare time to do fun and rewarding tasks...

Big Web Dev

by Sharon
An American-owned outsourcing web development company based in Cebu City Philippines.


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