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Shanghaiist: China wins one, loses one at Oscars

by bouilloire
"During the US broadcast of the Oscars that we watched semi-live via our Filipino satellite, as William Monahan approached the stage to accept his Oscar for best adapted screenplay for The Departed, the announcer said that the movie was based on the Japanese film Infernal Affairs."

Les pires looks des oscars

by pikacho
Les pires looks des oscars

POPscars: the new software award for shareware and freeware

by Robertruth
POPsnail Presents the POPscars: the new software award for shareware and freeware Best iPod, PSP, Zune Software in a Leading Role Best Security Software in a Supporting Role Best Software Provider Best DVD Software Best Audio Converters Best Language Software Best Design Tools Best Screensavers Best e-Books & Literature Best Audio Editors

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Fotos de Chile

by esquilo
Página de Banco de fotos de Chile.

Paradise Now, Wins!

by sabbah
They say: “If you made a bad film, you made it alone. If you made a good film, you all made it.” And that’s what “Paradise now” did. A good film by all means! The film won more than the academy award. Won the hearts of the millions who saw it. Won the position that it was placed in. Won the controversy around it and it’s message reaching out. Won the media coverage given to Palestine and the Palestinians and spotting the light on the Israeli occupation. Won the sympathy and understanding of the world.


by jackysee (via)
Quote: 俗世男女其實都像「迷途的羔羊」,在情感和心靈的皈依上都仰賴著放牧人的導引,李安在《斷背山》中,從人的觀點來看同志,從人的愛情視野來理解同志有過的忠貞、叛逆與迷航。

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