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New Opportunities Beginner: Teacher's book.pdf; Students' Book.pdf with Mini-Dictionary.pdf; Language Powerbook .pdf; Class Cassettes 1,2,3 & Text Cassette.mp3; Test master CD ::

by tadeufilippini
Год выпуска: 2006 Жанр: Английский язык Издательство: Pearson Education LIMITED 2006 Язык курса: Английский язык Описание: Based on feedback from teachers and students around the world, New Opportunities now comes with new features and components to make your lessons even more motivating and successful. For more information visit www. longman. com/dictionaries

(Английский язык) OPPORTUNITIES (Beginner - Upper Intermediate) 5-level [2004, PDF/MP3, ENG] ::

by tadeufilippini
(Английский язык) OPPORTUNITIES (Beginner - Upper Intermediate) pic Год выпуска: 2004 Автор: Michael Harris, David Mower, Anna Sikorzynska Жанр: MP3&CUE, PDF Издательство: Longman Описание: Opportunities is a five-level course written specifically for upper-secondary. Rich in grammar and content, Opportunities provides a very solid syllabus that's packed with topics relevant to today's students. Themes such as science, literature, history and culture give a strong educational and international feel Learning strategies throughout the course develop students' study skills Rich in grammar and vocabulary Gives teachers all the flexibility and support they need Graded activities in the Language Powerbook give practice for students of different levels -detailed Contents pages, including Powerbook contents make planning easier for teachers and students -Shorter modules mean more topics, more vocabulary sets and more strategies -Grammar and skills development give students a solid base for learning -Thorough training in study skills ensures good learning habits -vocabulary Language Problem Solving extends students' interest in the wider world -Cross-curricular and cross-cultural topics engage students' interest in the wider world -reading and listening texts motivate students to speak and think in English -Full coverage of exam tasks in both the Students' Book and the Language Powerbook help students prepare for both internal and external exams -comprehensive testing package provides total evaluation of students -components, for example CD-ROMs, provide opportunities for self-study, PLUS videos give language learning more variety Visit the home page of each level to download a colour double-page spread to try in class.

New Opportunities Pre-Intermediate Interactive Whiteboard Software [2009, EXE] ::

by tadeufilippini
New Opportunities Pre-Intermediate Interactive Whiteboard Software pic Год выпуска: 2009 Автор: Michael Harris, David Mower, Anna Sikorzynska Издательство: Pearson Longman Формат: EXE Описание: Over 150,000 teachers worldwide have made Opportunities their course of choice. Now, Opportunities has a new edition. With extra features, New Opportunities offers you the chance to take your classes even further. New Opportunities is the course of choice for teachers, like yourself, who want to give their students education for life! Your students will... still benefit from the complete Opportunities package, committed to solid grammar, confident use of skills and language success be more comfortable with using NEW vocabulary with the NEW vocabulary language problem solving sections have access to more topics, more vocabulary and more strategies with the NEW shorter modules be fully prepared for any exam with the NEW tasks and strategies provided both in the Students' Book and the Powerbook be motivated to think more and speak more through the NEW reading and listening texts, packed with NEW information An edition of "New Opportunities Pre-Intermediate" designed for interactive whiteboard where the teacher can carry the lesson with such a blackboard. The program contains each page from the book which you can show to your students on the whiteboard (they don't have to have their books opened) + videos and additional interactive exercises which you can use to activate them and ask to the whiteboard to choose correct answers.


TruGreen, Lawn care, landscaping

by MrKumar
Employment opportunities with Tru Green. Search jobs and careers from both TruGreen LandCare and TruGreen ChemLawn on The TruGreen Companies website.

Make money fast and easy

by billy34
Make money fast and easy with your computer online.

Business Road

by ryuxu (via)
Together we find thousand business opportunities on Web


by rahimah
Information on MLM, Home-Based Business Opportunities and Internet Marketing.


Some Democrats Are Sensing Missed Opportunities - New York Times

by zboog
Democrats are heading into this year's elections in a position weaker than they had hoped for, party leaders say, stirring concern that they are letting pass an opportunity to exploit what they see as widespread Republican vulnerabilities.


Secrets To Get Rich

by studio814 (via)
Free tips on personal financial management, jobs, careers, business and investments.


by ryanne
[thursday, 25 august 2005] 以為實無,點知又有 = 我一生經歷的寫照 XD

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