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This project is the place to collaborate on the open-source JDK, an implementation of the Java Platform, Standard Edition specification defined in the Java Community Process. What you will find here Today this project contains two significant components of the JDK: * The HotSpot Virtual Machine * The Java programming-language compiler (javac), with complete NetBeans project metadata The remainder of the open-source JDK will be available in the first half of 2007. At that time this project will host the source code for the complete JDK except for a few components that Sun does not have the right to publish in source form under the GPL; pre-built binaries will be provided for those components. You will also find the jtreg unit-test harness here, for use in running the compiler's unit tests. For now this tool is available only in binary form, but eventually it too will be open-sourced. How to participate You can participate in many ways; here are some of the possibilities: * Get the latest community news from the OpenJDK Community page * Check out the latest blogs on Planet JDK * Join the discussion on one or more of the OpenJDK mailing lists * Join the live conversation via IRC on #openjdk * Elaborate and collaborate on ideas on the OpenJDKWiki * Build and hack on the compiler with NetBeans * Contribute a patch to fix a bug or enhance the compiler or the HotSpot VM

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