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uncomfortably numb

by soul1383
“That which does not kill us makes us stronger.” ~Friedrich Nietzsche~


Cato Unbound: Theodore Dalrymple: Is “Old Europe” Doomed?

by mikepower
I wondered what happened to old Theo after he retired. I think he moved to France which, given his views on Europe, seems a strange choice. Why not Louisianna or Texas? - Washington's Iraq Blindness

by mikepower
The Iraq that exists in President Bush’s imagination and the real Iraq, the one in which 160,000 U.S. troops occupy a nation sliding into civil war, have never seemed further apart.

Bloggerheads- Reactions to State Of The Union 2006

by mikepower
Reactions to Bush's State Of The Union 2006 Address from around the blogs

Whiskey Bar: Twilight of the Neocons?

by mikepower
History, Ismael Reed once said, is the story of warfare between secret societies. I'm not ready to go that far, but I think it's fair to say the history of U.S. foreign policy over the past forty years has been the story of the war between two not-so-secr


James Wolcott: Intelligent Design: Opiate of the Dummies

by mikepower
Wielding a sword of truth and a surgical scalpel of reason (he's quite ambidextrous), NRO's John Derbyshire pierces the fatty deposits of bad faith in the postures of religious piety by certain conservative eggheads.

Iraq's Death Squads

by mikepower
OF ALL THE bloodshed in Iraq, none may be more disturbing than the campaign of torture and murder being conducted by U.S.-trained government police forces.

Max hastings: Sorry, prime minister, your legacy will be a disastrous foreign war

by mikepower
In his old age it will seem monstrously unfair to him, but Tony Blair will be remembered for one terrible misjudgment

Mr. Bush, have I got an exit strategy for you

by mikepower
In view of his miserable record, his arrogant lack of good judgment and his failure to understand the gravity of his record, President Bush (and Vice President Dick Cheney) should be shown the exit door with a proviso to never darken the Oval Office again

Prospect - A muslim Journey

by mikepower
British Islam is dominated by culturally and theologically conservative south Asians. But the London bombs may help to make it more open to those who want to engage with the modern world

Do you people live on planet earth?

by mikepower
Why is it that we Europeans can no longer understand our own peace and contentment and safety and our extraordinary luxury and our futuristic living standards and our God-like good fortune and our long, wonderful lives?

Poor ambitions for the world

by mikepower
it would be more accurate to call the campaign: 'Slightly alleviate the most extreme aspects of poverty over the very long-term, maybe.

Should we make 'Make Poverty History' history?

by mikepower
The problem with the Live 8 jamboree is not the self-important rock stars, but the politics of low expectations.

The Quagmire: As the Iraq War Drags on, it's Beginning to Look a Lot Like Vietnam

by mikepower
. Two years after the U.S. invasion, Iraq is perched on the brink of civil war. Months after the election, the new Iraqi government remains hunkered down inside the fortified Green Zone in Baghdad, surviving only because it is defended by thousands of U.S

Regime change is illegal: end of debate: Alasdair Palmer

by mikepower
I would never do anything against the advice of the Attorney General: Tony Blair

ei: The Case Against Alan Dershowitz: The Public Committee Against Torture in Israel vs. Alan Dershowitz

by mikepower
Alan Dershowitz is a well-known lawyer and professor at Harvard Law School, a prolific author, and makes regular appearances in the media

Jonathan Freedland: Reviled as outsiders

by mikepower
"This is so wrong. We should be on the same side."

Jewish MP pelted with eggs at war memorial

by mikepower
The sheer ignorance never mind the lack of respect is shocking. They have no idea where their freedom came from and who gave it to them.

Ian Rutledge in the Financial Times:

by mikepower
US appears to have fought war for oil and lost it

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