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FR/FAQ/Calc/120 - The Document Foundation Wiki

by mfaure
Comment supprimer les apostrophes qui précèdent certains nombres ?




Sun Connector for Alfresco CMS | repository for Extensions

by nhoizey
"The Sun Connector integrates and StarOffice perfectly with the Alfresco Document management server. The user has full access to all documents stored on the Alfresco server."

Sun Presentation Minimizer | repository for Extensions

by nhoizey
"The Sun Presentation Minimizer is used to reduce the file size of the current presentation. Images will be compressed, and data that is no longer needed will be removed."

Vignette pour OOo

by milouse
Comment utiliser les vignettes des document odf sur ubuntu

FR/FAQ/Calc/041 - Wiki

by mfaure
comment faire un graphique avec courbes et barres

SVG Import | repository for Extensions

by Xavier Lacot
An OpenOffice plugin for opening/importing SVG documents into Draw. The SVG elements are translated into Draw elements.


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