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Down for everyone or just me?

by ycc2106 & 10 others
Tests if a site is down for everyone or just you


scalr - Google Code

by camel & 3 others
Scalr is a fully redundant, self-curing and self-scaling hosting environment utilizing Amazon's EC2. It allows you to create server farms through a web-based interface using prebuilt AMI's for load balancers (pound or nginx), app servers (apache, others), databases (mysql master-slave, others), and a generic AMI to build on top of. The health of the farm is continuously monitored and maintained. When the Load Average on a type of node goes above a configurable threshold a new node is inserted into the farm to spread the load and the cluster is reconfigured. When a node crashes a new machine of that type is inserted into the farm to replace it. 4 AMI's are provided for load balancers, mysql databases, application servers, and a generic base image to customize. Scalr allows you to further customize each image, bundle the image and use that for future nodes that are inserted into the farm. You can make changes to one machine and use that for a specific type of node. New machines of this type will be brought online to meet current levels and the old machines are terminated one by one. The project is still very young, but we're hoping that by open sourcing it the AWS development community can turn this into a robust hosting platform and give users an alternative to the current fee based services available.

pootle:index · Translate Toolkit & Pootle

by camel & 2 others (via)
Pootle is a user-friendly web portal that makes the translation process so much simpler. It allows online translation, work assignment, gives statistics and allows easy volunteer contribution. You can run Pootle as an Internet server like these projects or run your own copy on an Intranet (for individual work, team work or [email protected]). Pootle makes use of the Translate Toolkit. Together, these tools are part of our project to make translation easier and of higher quality by creating better tools and user-friendly, central information.


LibreSource - LibreSource Community

by camel
LibreSource 2.2 is available for download for Linux, Mac OS X and Windows LibreSource is a versatile collaborative platform. Open Source, modular and highly customizable, LibreSource is adapted to the collaborative software development (forge), groupware, community leading, e-archiving and Web publishing. On a single server, LibreSource can host several projects, several groups of users, and grant fine grain access to the resources. Based on Java/J2EE, LibreSource is a modular web server that users can customize online by combining resources and rights: wiki pages, forum, trackers, Synchronizers, Subversion repositories, files, download areas, drop boxes, forms, etc. LibreSource uses most of the advanced services provided by the OW2 application server called JOnAS.


Jinzora :: Free Your Media

by camel & 2 others
Jinzora enables you to stream your digital music and videos to any internet connected computer using a web browser. - pro version

by slogoo

Montastic: the free website monitoring service

by slogoo & 8 others
Montastic免费注册后即可监控你所指定的网站的情况, 网站的情况通过RSS和邮件通知你.

<Unknown> - Streampad Demo

by ycc2106
Allows you to stream music from your home machine to any web browser. Mashups include -, google maps, amazon, and the live music archive.


by kyleofalberta
A Great Ragnarok Online Server

The Punch Poll - Welcome to The Punch Poll

by lz00zl
The Punch Poll is a collection of questions randomly circulated among online readers. Our server collects votes and then reports results.

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