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Annuaire en Ligne

by valery (via)
Un annuaire en ligne fait pour les plus beaux sites internet ? c'est par ici.

❤️ 🛠 BOKMARKLETS - ImgOps > Image Bookmarklets / Firefox Addon

by decembre
Useful bookmarklet apps for online photos. But seems not working... You can use (FireFox) which provide this tool too and many other - Fully Customisable: Image Search Options ImgOps : Our main bookmarklet app for image operations. Each operation is a free and instant online image app; no account required. TO USE: While viewing any web page, click the bookmarklet; Choose from the list of images on that page; Choose a utility. The web utilities listed will include free online image editors, GIF editors, instant online photo hosting, Instagram-like filters, photo forensic tools, EXIF data, and several ways to search the web for information about an image. Enable Save: A bookmarklet app to help you save images or text. It disables all click-blockers on a web page so you can use the context menu, save images, or copy text. TO USE: While viewing any web page, click the bookmarklet; Right-click on an image, or select text on the page; Copy or save. This handy tool is more powerful than similar click-enablers which enable right-click. It work on all frames and it disables all click handlers on all page elements. It might cause some web pages to stop working as expected, but reloading the effected page will return it to normal.

2009 - Search FREE music downloads! Convert YouTube videos to downloadable mp3s!

by ycc2106
Video to MP3 conversion service on the internet! Enter a search term and click "fetch", it couldn't be easier!



Viec lam, Tuyen dung, Tìm Kiếm Việc Làm & Tuyển Dụng, vieclam, timviec, tuyendung

by lamviec
This website is a recruiting website in Vietnam. The site is primarily in Vietnamese, but can also be viewed to some extent in English and Japanese.

Bookmarklet creator | Alex @ Net

by ycc2106
Generates a search bookmarklet for selected text else prompt.


by ycc2106 & 1 other
Search for all types of documents (PDF, PPT, DOC, RTF, PS XLS etc.) on the Web and view them directly using the browser-based viewer.

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