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April 2006

fluxiom - capture, manage, access and deliver content across your enterprise

by ycc2106 & 12 others
fluxiom makes it easy to organize and share your digital assets within your company, your colleagues and friends. Nice design with simple features, basic account is 9$ : <a href="">fluxiom</a>

buy blu-ray, buy hd-dvd

by ycc2106 is a new ecommerce site that is implemented as a single-page Ajax application.

Color Tool 2.0.1 Alpha

by ycc2106 & 27 others
Pull out the color tool, hidden on the left to begin. The top and middle row of colors are varations used to alter the rows of colors on the bottom of the pallette. These bottom colors can be dragged - Home: Top Overall Stories

by ycc2106 allows users to submit news stories, and other users to rate those stories based on four categories. Stories with enough ratings are displayed on the main pages, with the highest scores. A bit like digg without the comments.

March 2006

by ycc2106 & 10 others
news you can talk about. Social bookmarks

Gabbly -

by ycc2106 & 10 others
This let's you chat on any page Annotated link

February 2006

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