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October 2006

iFeedReaders - Feeding Feed Readers Your Feed

by jackiege & 5 others
The objective of this site is simple, create a one central place to send your feed and have all the subscription services coded and ready to go.

September 2006

FeedButton Beta. Uncluttering Blogs & simplifying RSS Feeds.

by jackiege & 15 others

August 2006

July 2006

FeedBlitz - EMail Blog and RSS Subscription Services

by jackiege & 33 others (via)
Adding email services to your blog isn't. Email RSS feed and blog subscriptions powered by FeedBlitz


by jackiege & 1 other
allows you to create one or more personal or business feeds

Disposable feeds for personal and group use by!

by jackiege & 6 others (via)
Instantly publish an RSS feed. Simple, but seems to work. For a more feature-rich edge feeder, take a look at FeedXS.

Create RSS Feeds and Publish News Feeds | Display RSS Feeds on Your Website

by jackiege & 10 others (via)
Create RSS feeds without a blog or website and track your hits and clickthroughs. create a blog widget from a feed and display it on your site. By clicking the "MySite" button, your readers can then add the widget to their sites too.

FeedCatch - RSS archiver by

by jackiege & 8 others (via)
1#RearchBuzz.catches the contents of a feed into one uberfeed that doesn't expire.set some limits on it - delete the oldest item if there are more than x items in the feed or delete the oldest item if it's more than x hours old . remove items after following their links.

FeedShake - Merge, sort, filter and manage your feeds

by jackiege & 6 others
FeedShake can merge, sort and filter multiple RSS, Atom feeds and Podcasts. Just write the URLs (complete addresses) of your feeds above, separating each one with a whitespace. (include "http://")

FeedBlendr - blending you a delicious feed smoothie!

by jackiege & 23 others (via)
Blend a group of feeds into a single feed. Very easy to use and works reliably. You can also import an OPML list and blend the feeds together. A well-designed site and a great service. Alternatives include Feedshake and FeedDigest.

Feed Digest : Mix, convert, and syndicate RSS and Atom feeds

by jackiege & 6 others (via)
Complete service for mixing, filtering and republishing RSS feeds. Merge multiple feeds or output your feed items as HTML, Javascript, WAP or PHP. There's also a support forum if you get stuck. Overall, a very nice tool for managing your feeds. If you just need to blend a few feeds into one, FeedBlendr is a simpler option.

FeedoStyle Relaunches - RSS Widgets for Your Blog, But Not MySpace - Mashable*

by jackiege
FeedoStyle has also introduced a new business model, with four different account types.

June 2006

xFruits - Compose your information system

by jackiege & 15 others

May 2006 - digg / slashdot / popular

by slogoo & 44 others
Digg, slashdot, 和 ,几乎成为用户固定访问的网站。因此,diggdot.us将这三个网站进行了整合。站点用TurboGears来建设,不再用PHP。

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