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🛠 VIDEO PLAYER - 20 VLC Player Tips and Tricks

by decembre
VLC is probably the most versatile video player you can download due to its amazing ability to play almost any codec you throw at it. This alone makes this app a worthy addition to your software suite. While most people use VLC as a simple video player, it is so much more than that. VLC is the Swiss Army Knife of video players with features that are hidden and unknown to the casual user.

The Collection Online | The Metropolitan Museum of Art | NYC

by 4004 & 1 other (via)


Pixastic - Online JavaScript Photo Editor

by ycc2106 & 3 others
Simple and fast image editor with effects and more Pixastic is built with JavaScript and the HTML5 canvas element. download a zipped package or buid your own

Free Online Javascript WYSIWYG Rich Text Editor

by ycc2106
Free Rich Text Editor is an extremely easy to use FREE javascript based HTML WYSIWYG editor for your website, it can easily be implemented into any existing content management system or other web application with no knowledge required in programming or javascript. Only 3 lines of code required to set up the editor. It also now outputs as XHTML compliant code!

ezRSS - Life made easy

by ycc2106
EZRSS is a rss feed for eztv. You can use it to have your bittorrent client download your favourite shows from eztv as they get released, rather than having to stay up all night waiting for them - completely automatically.


Bubble Shooter Premium Edition

by microgod
Bubble shooter online and offline version.



by marcogiallo
Print your pins! Crea e stampa le tue spille, consulta il catalogo o crea quella che hai in mente. Oppure cerca e acquista stickers e T-shirts.

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