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October 2006 Online Meeting Services

by corks25
Batipi - ba-ti-'pE - A virtual space created to share knowledge. The word Batipi is coined from the Japanese term, Ba, meaning shared mental space, and the Sioux word tipi, meaning a safe dwelling place in which to exchange ideas.

July 2006

Mark Joyner’s Extreme Business Makeover launch

by kate_mrg & 2 others
By visiting this blog you will be kept up to date with the launch of Extreme Business Makeover, a Mark Joyner product. Check out the latest video with Mark, it is hilarious!

Virtual Video Map

by virtual magic & 2 others
Mashup of Google Maps and Youtube Videos. Tips for using this page: 1) Be patient with the download. It is a large file. 2) Use Firefox. Page loads faster with Firefox. 3) Click the STOP button on the video before closing the video pop-up window. 4) CLICK & DRAG the map to position videos if you cannot view the entire video. Use the zoom tool to see how close I got to some of the actual video scenes on the map. 5) Report missing videos to [email protected]

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