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Iaido practice and warmup prior to class - YouTube

by Takwann
Some kata from Omori Ryu and Katori Shinto Ryu. Shot by a friend with a Sony Cybershot. For more info go to


Iaido from Seiza

by Takwann
copyright © 2010 Kim Taylor, all rights reserved I notice this topic has once again reappeared on a discussion forum. I had my say on this 20 years ago in an article from "The Iaido Newsletter" and I will re-print that here, but I also have a little bit of new data for the consideration of the readers.

YouTube - 1000 Kata Of Omori Ryu: Inyoshintai

by Takwann
The "1000 Kata" of Omoriryu workshop videos are a 12 part series expanding the 12 kata to many many hundreds of different kata, perfect for developing dynamic Iaijutsu from the seemingly stoic forms of Omoriryu. Deepen your understanding with Shihan Wehrhahns detailed teachings.


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