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April 2007

by springnet
> You don't have to read the screen while you're trying to do your thing. <hawaii> Separate service, but free: <hawaii>

AustinBlogger » Blog Archive » Out of the closet - twitter

by springnet
Omar Gallaga, Statesman blogger/writer and Rodolfo Gonzalez, photographer, caught up with me on South Congress last week and outed me as a twitter user in a story on twitter. Here I am posing for a picture above at Jo’s Coffee. He calls me “amiable

Twitter has the online world talking

by springnet
What's Paul Terry Walhus Twittering about today? The information technology manager for Jo's Hot Coffee and the Hotel San Jose is "walking around testing various wifi locations on S Congress, Austin L:78704," last we checked. Before that, he was "at hom

October 2006

AustinBlogger - Austin Blogging, Podcasting - music, tv, radio, sports

by springnet
In the coming weeks I’m going to be recapping my experiences at the Texas Book Festival. If you want a sneak preview, here are all my podcasts from that event. A note of warning, I haven’t compressed the videos yet and haven’t added intros to the po

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