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Top 7 recession busting deals

by sar420
With tight wallets and tighter budgets, its not a good feeling to sit at home and bemoan the state of the economy and the job losses. We should rather take up the opportunities offered by the recession before its too late!


BBB Offers Tips to Avoid Auto Thefts

by mamnet
WALLINGFORD - With the holiday season upon us, the Better Business Bureau offered the Crowded parking lots tempt thieves. The increased number of parked cars at shopping centers during the holiday season presents a tempting target for thieves. Taking precautions is good, but the reality is that consumers who aren\’t prepared to handle a vehicle theft or vandalism can end up being victimized two or three times - first by having their car stolen or broken into, second by not being prepared to minimize their losses, and third by losing valuable holiday packages that may be stored inside the car. \”Car thieves, like home burglars, are not usually deterred by a single layer of protection,\” said Steve Cox, vice-president of Communications for the Council of Better Business Bureaus, after having two car

New shopping and iPod offers

by stickycarrots (via)
Check out these sweet new offers from XY7. Very nice pays as well as great topics. iPod offers always convert well and it pays $4.10/lead! Who doesn’t love to shop?

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