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Voyage to the Deep

by knann (via)
Oceanography Simulation for grades 9-12.

Python Package atmqty

by roberto
This package contains methods to calculate atmospheric quantities (on the Earth) that are directly derivative (i.e. not requiring time integration or modeling) from standard state variables.

Doron Nof, PhD - Physical Oceanography at Florida State University

by roberto
"Oceanographers Say Winds May Have Parted the Waters"

Rob Hetland’s web journal

by roberto
Ultimate Citizen: Make a THREDDS catalog of your DODS-served data so folks can view it with tools like the IDV. These are simple XML files that just tell tools like IDV the protocol and location of the data. Check out an example at:

Python: module __init__

by roberto (via)
The Shallow Water Ocean Model (swom) is designed as a toolbox to develop Arakawa A through D grid numerics for the shallow water equations.

Python seawater package

by roberto
The seawater package provides basic functions in Python for physical properties of sea water.

Ferret Notes

by roberto (via)
Plotting isotherm depth with Ferret.

by roberto
Sequence of pictures from the tsunami.

Tsunami - Kalutara Beach, Sri Lanka

by roberto
Before/after satellite pictures of the tsunami.


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