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October 2005

An open-source rival to Google's book project | Tech News on ZDNet

by digitalmonkey
"We want to digitize all human knowledge...and we can't risk having it privatized [...]".

Microsoft to Offer Online Book-Content Searches - New York Times

by digitalmonkey
"Instead of the "opt-out" approach taken by the Google Print Library Project [...] MSN and other Open Content Alliance members plan to ask copyright holders for permission before digitizing a work".

Internet Archive Forums: View Post | Date: October 25, 2005 11:12:16pm Forum: announcements - Subject: Bookscanning Launch and Vision of an Open Library

by digitalmonkey
"At the event, Microsoft Network (MSN) joined the Open Content Alliance and committed to kick off their support by funding the digitization of 150,000 books in 2006! [...] Also, 14 libraries and library organizations joined in the last 3 weeks".

MSN Search Announces MSN Book Search: MSN is working with the Open Content Alliance to bring millions of publicly available print materials worldwide to the Web.

by digitalmonkey
"The digitized content will primarily be print material that has not been copyrighted, and Microsoft will clearly respect all copyrights and work with each partner providing the information to work out mutually agreeable protections for copyrights".

Open Content Alliance (OCA) - FAQ

by digitalmonkey
"Metadata for all content in the OCA will be freely exposed to the public through formats such as the Open Archives Initiative Protocol for Metadata Harvesting (OAI-PMH) and RSS".

Contemporary Intellectual Property, Licensing & Information Law: Google lawsuit begins; fair use

by digitalmonkey
"[...] Yahoo's recently announced projects on digitizing works is very different from the Google project". -- definitely

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