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Taking the Sears Time Machine for a Test Drive « ASCII by Jason Scott

by night.kame

Can you imagine many contemporary companies having this situation for, say, a hard drive or a flat-screen TV? A custom, in-house manual for their repair department to be able to take the item in and fix it back into working order? Those times are, on the whole, pretty much gone.

And they have to be – margins are smaller than ever, integration is still vertical but not in the name of making things better, and who cares, we’re going to throw all this crap out in 2 years when we add a whooziz to it.

PluginsNoLongerSupported - tenfourfox - Explaining plugin (non)support. - Mozilla for Power Macintosh - Google Project Hosting

by night.kame

No major plugin is being maintained for Power Macs any more: Flash stopped updates with Flash in November 2010, and QuickTime 7 for the PowerPC was decommissioned with the release of QuickTime 7.7 and OS X Lion in August 2011. (Tiger users have not had an update since QT 7.6.4 in September 2009.)

Quel est la différence entre un Mac de 2003 et un PC de 2003 ? Le PC de 2003 peut encore servir et être mis à jour. Le Mac de 2003 a été abandonné, à commencer par Apple

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