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Method of tying a Kaku Obi

by Takwann
“What kind of Obi to choose and how to wear it is very careful precise individual study. After this comes the determination of which is the most suitable method of Noto”. Iwata Norikazu - in Eishin Ryu of Tosa A well or badly tied Obi can mean the difference between a bad or a clean draw with either sword. The following explanation is just one way, but a very effective one if wearing to real swords of a reasonable weight.


YouTube - Tying Obi

by Takwann
One method of tying an Iai Obi

Fiches pratiques - Association Dokusan

by Takwann & 1 other
Comment nouer un obi large? Comment nouer l'étui du sabre? Comment mettre le hakama? Comment plier le hakama? Comment plier le keikogi? Comment nouer une ceinture étroite?


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