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by bearglass008 (via) ___ Birth ()f a strategic force detecting oil " petrole " at a distant area , more advanced than modern technology - see blog :



The Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists

by alexnihilo
IT IS 5 MINUTES TO MIDNIGHT 2007 The world stands at the brink of a second nuclear age. The United States and Russia remain ready to stage a nuclear attack within minutes, North Korea conducts a nuclear test, and many in the international community worry that Iran plans to acquire the Bomb. Climate change also presents a dire challenge to humanity.


United Nuclear- Radioactive Isotopes

by alexnihilo
La radioactivité est dangeureuse pour la santé, n'en mangez pas (et ne soutenez pas l'installation de centrale électrique nucléaire)

Underground Bomb Shelters, Nuclear, Biological, Chemical Weapons Protection

by CarolineBogart
Radius Engineering Inc. underground disaster and storm shelters, is engineered protection for your family, valuables, company or organization. Radius Engineering specializes in assisting you develop a disaster plan that custom fits your needs of protection., Charles Culverhouse is the vice president of sales and marketing for Radius Engineering International, Walton McCarthy is the president and owner of Radius Engineering, Intl."

We Must Expand Our Nuclear Power Program If We're To Realize Our Dream Of Superhero Mutants | The Onion - America's Finest News Source

by multilinko
As the search for alternative energy sources continues, many decry nuclear energy as an unsafe and irresponsible option. Admittedly, dangers exist, but innovation always involves risk, for the best ideas often result from happy accidents. Indeed, perhaps a catastrophic meltdown would be the best thing that could happen. To abandon nuclear energy is to risk something far greater than another Chernobyl. It is to risk the loss of future superpowered, costumed heroes.

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