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February 2011

Dégainer, couper, rengainer partie 1 - Shugyo 修行

by sbrothier & 1 other
Après les articles sur l'étude du mouvement au sabre (partie 1, partie 2 et partie 3), j'ai eu envie de poursuivre la traduction de divers articles en lien avec Kuroda Tetsuzan sensei.

August 2010

Push and Pull: The Importance of Language in Iaido

by Takwann
copyright © 2007 Kim Taylor, all rights reserved Language is important. The words we use in our heads when practicing iaido are important. Instructors and students may not realize just how important they are, but here's a small example of how carefully we should pick our words. Beginners are likely to say that we pull the sword out of the scabbard, and we push it back in.

February 2010

THE IAIDO NEWSLETTER - Volume 1 number 1 Nov 1989

by Takwann
(IPPONME) MAE (front advance) This technique is roughly equivalent to Mae of Muso Jikiden, or Shohatto of Muso Shinden Ryu. (...)The Muso Shinden noto is as follows (...) For Muso Jikiden proceed as follows.

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