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November 2006


by ycc2106 & 8 others
As you type, Stikkit watches for appointments, to-dos, people, bookmarks and more, magically extracting and organizing the important details.

October 2006

Zotero - The Next-Generation Research Tool

by nhoizey & 33 others (via)
Zotero [zoh-TAIR-oh] is a free, easy-to-use Firefox extension to help you collect, manage, and cite your research sources. It lives right where you do your work — in the web browser itself.

Welcome to Scrybe

by nhoizey & 4 others
ScrybeTM is a groundbreaking online organizer that caters to today´s lifestyle in a cohesive and intuitive way. Simple solutions for some age old problems.


by tehu
An online notepad by Aaron "Greasemonley" Boodman. Firefox 2 required.

pierre chatel’s blog’n stuff » Sidenote

by kasi77 & 1 other
Sidenote tries to catch the “Stickies” spirit but in the form of a multi-document drawer that will hide in the corner of your screen (left or right). You can use it to take all your daily notes, include images and easily modify text color and font. Sidenote will automatically expand so that you will be able to drag into it any picture, text clipping or pdf file from the finder or your favorite application. Sporting notes auto-saving, you’ll never have to save your notes. Sidenote will handle that for you. You can also print them or export them to rtf.

September 2006

Take study-worthy lecture notes |

by simon_bricolo & 2 others
Comment séparer un feuille A4 en zones pour bien prendre des notes (Cornell Note-taking method)

Tagged in MySQL Tip & Notes

by phpien
trucs et astuce d'utilisation de mysql et des bases de données

Domino & Web 2.0: AJAX - Tag Clouds

by flapsy
Un nuage de tags est une représentation sous forme de liste de mots représentés de taille proportionnelle à leur importance. Cette importance est principalement lié au nombre d'occurences du mot. On retrouve aujourd'hi ces nuages de tags un peu partout sur les applications dites 2.0 comme delicious, Flickr ou encore Technorati.

August 2006


by ycc2106
In page ajax web stickies and more script: -PHP/ SQL database -Login system -Drag to move -resizable in all directions -In-Place Editing -Login system -Associates stickies with URL -Associates captions and annotations with image filenames. -Effects: Trans

Pétillant ® : Gérer des Post-it® virtuels

by abyjdi & 1 other (via)
Liste d'applis pour gérer ses notes et post-it

Secunia - Advisories

by rmaltete (via)
IBM Lotus Notes Multiple Vulnerabilities

Lotus Notes Sucks

by rmaltete
critique du client email de lotus