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29 January 2006

Sen. Obama Criticizes Filibuster Tactic - ABC News

by zboog
Sen. Obama, Other Democrats Oppose Alito Nomination but Criticize Filibuster Tactic

24 January 2006

Why the Democrats should filibuster Alito - Minnesota Daily

by zboog
Three reasons the Democrats should filibuster the nomination of Samuel Alito to the Supreme Court.

13 January 2006

Kennedy 'Exclusively' a Moonbat

by jasontromm
If there is one thing to be learned from the confirmation hearings for Judge Samuel Alito’s nomination to the Supreme Court, it’s that liberal Democrats will waste no opportunity to grandstand for their far left-wing even if that means being misleading with the facts, unprofessional with the questioning, and hypocritical with the insinuations. Case in point is liberal moonbat Ted Kennedy who blasted Judge Alito for being a member of an “exclusive” club of Princeton alumni without mentioning that he is a member of an “exclusive” all-male Harvard club.

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