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2009, La WebTV de Montréal

by eclipse-lechat
nightlife, restaurants, bars, clubs, sports, musique, news, fashion, humour, stars, party



by springnet
Check it out dawgs, donned my bespoke suit to suss out art exhibition by Swiss cinematographer Beat Presser at Pavaradi Theatre on the other side of Chaophraya River. Beat has worked with Wim Wenders, Werner Herzog, Fassbinder, and is personal friend of

Nightlife of Las Vegas

by bl5189e0
About the Nightlife of Las Vegas.


by freenyc
New York's Premier Daily Guide to Free and Inexpensive Events

Haggard's Former Church Holds 'Day Of Hope'

by YukihiroKawashi
Numerous individuals reported knowledge of New Life Church founder Ted Haggard's struggle with a "dark side," leading to his departure from the megachurch, a member of the church's board of overseers told parishioners ...

Christian Charity Brings Hope to Orphans on Chinese New Year

by YukihiroKawashi
Christian charity International China Concern is bringing hope to abandoned Chinese children who are unable to celebrate Chinese New Year

Nightlife of Detroit

by bl100bec
Information, pictures and news. About the Nightlife of Detroit.

NIGHTLIFE in Oklahoma

by bl100bec & 2 others
News, Pictures and more. Oklahoma Nightlife.


by jogee_feroza
It is getting closer to the weekend and people are talking about which bars to have a drink at and where to go to dance until the early morning. The prospect of going out is really tempting but there is one problem, you don’t have enough money. And what about the next weekend? Does the above scenario feel familiar to you? It certainly does to many because going out is a real money-burning activity. It is however easier for some than others to manage to both have fun and don’t spend all their money, simply because it’s cheaper in some cities than others. The annual Saturday Night Index provides studies about how much it costs to spend a Saturday evening out in different UK cities. Factors included in the study are such as fees for buses, taxis and entrance as well as the prices of a late-night meal. While the latest study shows that the average cost of going out in the UK has dropped by almost £6, it also shows how big differences there could be between different towns. In the cheapest town, Bristol, a night would cost you £12.16, which is about £20 less than if you would go out in London. While cities such as Manchester and Leeds followed Bristol as the cheapest ones, the big surprise was that Newcastle which was one of the last year’s cheapest cities, now is the second most expensive one.



by maddoxeric
A club in Columbia, SC that features live music from local, regional, and national artists.

Louisville's best music

by pasdetrois
home site for serpent wisdom, the one true original sound for louisville. inspirational, fun, danceable. deadly serious topics done with grace and humour and amasing guitar work.

weathering NYC scrutiny at CoSM

by alchemism (via)
September has not been kind to the Chapel of Sacred Mirrors. Alex Grey’s psychedelic sanctuary found itself in the middle of a classic NYC nightlife war between the police and the many clubs that line West 27th Street, CoSM’s home.

World Best Bars

by nomadcom1 & 1 other
Bars, Cocktail Lounges and Cool Pubs around the World


Soirée Privée

by armand0
Association organisant des soirées sur Paris

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