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Le patron de la FIA impliqué dans un scandale sexuel sur fond de jeux de rôle nazis

by kooolman
"La Fédération internationale de l'automobile (FIA) observait un silence absolu lundi sur le scandale sexuel impliquant son président, Max Mosley, qui, selon le tabloïd britannique "News of the World", aurait participé avec cinq prostituées londoniennes à une séance sado-masochiste dont le scénario s'inspirait de rôle nazis."



World Voices are American Voices

by anthonyrio (via)
We as americans fighting the war on terror are also fighting Liberals, Social democrats which are taking over states Like mine, Maine. Our 30 year decline in american life style, growth in welfare programs for those not willing to work and legalized descrimination is more than just a tax problem and lack of quality work in my state. It is a test tube for growing trends nationwide. This is also the template that will be used world wide if democratic socialists get there way. I will take a line of freedom and free market anyday as long as corporations are held in check, we will see growth of quality jobs. Also with lower welfare support and more support for the middle class, you will see more growth in all sections of work. Stop hand outs to the bottom, I would rather see 3% begging at a church than 8% sitting at home collecting money to have baby's and teaching their young to play the system as well. The tax money collected from the middle class should go back to that class and money from the rich to bussiness growth.

In The News

by anthonyrio & 1 other (via)
Mixed issues on conservative issues and guidance for our country.

Horror Dvd Review Nazi Ss Camp

by kromakirk
[...]ient of 7 Emmy and 6 Golden Globes nominations, including a Emmy for Outstanding Comedy Series, Sanford And Son is one of the first television shows in history to focus almost entirely on the lives of African-American charact[...]Tags: DVD Reviews...


Tell The Children The Truth

by nando
Amin Al Husseini, le père de la Jihad Moderne. Du génocide arménien à la Conference Islamique, en passant par les alliances nazi et l’Idéal Panislamique intégriste.

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