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Télécharger Mystery Age: Le Bâton Impérial

by ad34
Suite à une tempête redoutable qui s'est abattue sur votre village, votre père est parti à la recherche de sa cause. Ce captivant jeu d'aventure et d'objets cachés vous entraîne dans une quête des morceaux d'un antique Bâton Impérial pour arrêter une mystérieuse pluie noire ! Explorez des contrées sauvages et résolvez des énigmes corsées afin de retrouver votre père et une aide mythique dans Mystery Age: Le Bâton Impérial.

Free Nightfall Mysteries: Curse of the Opera Game Download

by mrsnow
Take on the role of a lowly stagehand in an opera company tasked with solving a deadly mystery in an isolated village! Take on the role of a lowly stagehand in an opera company tasked with solving a deadly mystery! The Opera troupe is invited by the reclusive Count Vladd Vansig 3 to his small hamlet to perform a special Opera for him. Strangely, there are no villagers to speak of except for the Count and his caretaker. Over the course of the night, people go missing and are killed! Use your Hidden Object skills to find out the identity of the killer and escape the village alive in Nightfall Mysteries Curse of the Opera! Nightfall Mysteries: Curse of the Opera Game Features: * Spooky atmosphere * Dangerous mystery * Solve the case! Solve a deadly mystery!


Free Old Time Radio Shows | Free Old Time Radio Downloads In MP3 | 30's, 40's, 50's

by garret
"We are happy to be able to offer hundreds of old time radio shows for free download. Once you download these free OTR shows you can then listen to them on your computer or copy them to a cd so you can listen anywhere! We started this website out of a love for classic radio shows from the 30's, 40's and 50's. By offering free OTR downloads we can keep the innocent spirit of the golden age of radio alive in the new millennium! Some of our favorite old time radio shows include The Shadow, Amos & Andy, Fibber McGee & Molly, Sherlock Holmes and so many more! All the old radio shows on this site are in MP3 format so you should have no trouble downloading and listening to them. We love to hear from other OTR fans so please send us email and let us know you think of the site, what your favorite old time radio show is, or just to say hi! Thanks for stopping by and Happy Listening!" | Listen Free to Old Time Radio Shows | 30's, 40's, 50's

by garret & 7 others
We offer hundreds of vintage radio shows for you to listen to online in mp3 format, all for free. Before the days of video games, shopping malls, MTV, and the Internet, families used to sit in their living room each night to listen to radio shows such as Superman, Groucho Marx, The Avenger, Gunsmoke, Sherlock Homes, and many others. When TV become popular in the 1950's, most of these shows went off the air, but they now live on at websites such as this one and on weekly nostalgia radio broadcasts worldwide.



Mystery Shopping

by digicam75 & 5 others (via)
Become a mystery shopper and earn money shopping at the mall or even dining at restaurants. Great pay! Start now.


Justice For Kurt Cobain - Was Kurt Cobain Murdered?

by evilmonkeypaw
dedicated to either proving or disproving that Kurt was murdered, and answering the question once and for all

Two-Minute Mystery Writing Club

by knann
This project is meant to take a bit of the mystery out of mystery writing. Classes who register are invited to submit short "Two-Minute Mysteries" similar to the ones authored by Donald Sobol. They will challenge others to exert their sleuthing skills to solve them. MUST REGISTER by Nov-Dec 2006 . Work beging week of January 8th. Lasts 2 weeks

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