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May 2007

April 2007

Duly Consider: America in Denial: The Virginia Tech Shooting -- Cho\'s Obituary

by trnscndr
Refusing to change, society eventually goes on as if nothing ever happened, considering it a freak accident of one person's mental disturbance. The parents of Cho, after a brief period of mourning, will go on with their lives despite the never ending reminder of their son's final cry. Meanwhile, we continue to send people like Cho into war instead of college and their cries go unnoticed as their anger becomes redirected at a false enemy. Politicians continue to create fake adversaries against whom soldiers can masturbate their torment, while the real enemy is a society that let's the rich profit from this misdirection.

January 2007

The Green River Killer

by Elvezio
Info and (negative) review of pretty standard tv-style movie "The Riverman" about the hunt for the real Green River Killer.

December 2006

Justice For Kurt Cobain - Was Kurt Cobain Murdered?

by evilmonkeypaw
dedicated to either proving or disproving that Kurt was murdered, and answering the question once and for all

November 2006

Laci Petersen Autopsy Photos

by kromakirk
... cell phones. Different promos ...Tags: Photography Laci Petersen Autopsy Photos

Murder Crime Scene Photo

by kromakirk the market to purchase a digital camera, you have surely seen several different types of cameras. It isnt exactly clear what the differences between the types are, and it can be confusing trying to...Tags: Photography Murder Crime Scene Photo

September 2006

April 2006

Mr. Morbid- Retardz

by leedoyle
A Short horrer movie in which a school girl is killed on the way home. The craze of Mr. Morbid will get everyone

Man Confesses to Murdering Six Relatives

by jasontromm
A young man has confessed to the gruesome bludgeoning and strangling murders of his grandmother and five other relatives in a tiny town in Pennsylvania's Amish country, police said Thursday.

March 2006

FINALWORDS - a suicide victim’s last stop

by isiah

October 2005


by lemonchiffon
The official CSI page on CBS.

August 2005

June 2005

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