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26 April 2008 04:00

Contender Asia Yodsanklai VS John Wayne Parr

by muaythaiart
I just watched the re-run of the Contender Asia last night. We all know that Yodsanklai won this fight in Singapore, right? Yeah Yodsanklai rocks! What a fight!!!

25 April 2008 11:00

Muay Thai Story

by muaythaiart
Article about Muay Thai and Kickboxing

Muay Thai Sport - Online Thai Kick Boxing Shop

by muaythaiart
24/7 online Muay Thai shopping biggest store. Brand name Muay Thai equipment from Twins special, Windy, Raja boxing. Many products in stock including Muay Thai shorts, boxing gloves, kickboxing equipment also MMA gloves.

23 October 2007 20:00

Opinion on Boxing Glove Quality

by flakki
Help in finding the right boxing glove for martial arts

16 September 2006 13:00

Muay Thai Talk

by muaythaiart
Muay Thai News, Technique, lesson, Forum and more..

Muay Thai

by muaythaiart
Online store : Offering of brand name Muay Thai shorts, Boxing gloves and more..

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