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18 June 2009 07:45

28 April 2009 19:45

17 April 2009 07:30

AirTalkr | AIR based Instant Messenger | Connects to MSN Yahoo! ICQ GTalk AIM Flickr YouTube Blog RSS MySpace Friendster Twitter

by ycc2106 & 2 others
AirTalkr is a multi-protocol Instant Messenger that connects to MSN, Yahoo!, GTalk, AOL and ICQ. Not only that, it also has connects to to various Web 2.0 services like Flickr and YouTube. AirTalkr runs on Adobe AIR, so you will need the runtime to use it. As of now, AirTalkr can run on Windows and Mac. Also has Web version

17 April 2009 07:15 Web Messenger

by ycc2106 & 6 others Web-based Instant Messenger service lets you stay connected with MSN, Yahoo, AIM, Gtalk and MySpace messengers.

17 April 2009 07:00

radiusIM - The Social IM

by ycc2106 & 9 others
MSN, AIM/ICQ, Yahoo, and GTalk/Jabber Your friends will show up in the Friends List to the right and as pictures inside the map. The pictures around the map are other people located somewhere within the map view, but you don’t know exactly where. You can drag or zoom the map to a new place to see new people from that area. Remember that radiusIM is a full application living inside your browser so try right clicking and sizing the windows to make it work better for you. Login required

17 April 2009 06:45


by ycc2106 & 9 others is a web-based service that allows users to hold text, voice, and video chats on multiple instant messaging protocols. Currently supported protocols include AIM, Google Talk, ICQ, MSN, MySpace, Skype, and Yahoo Messenger. The service is free and requires no user-registration or sign-up.

03 April 2009 07:30

Suivez le positionnement de vos mots clés

by Giraultises (via)
RockinSEO est un service qui vous permettra de surveiller le positionnement de votre blog ou site sur les principaux moteurs de recherche: Google, MSN Live et Yahoo! et même de les comparer avec la position de 3 autres sites concurrents.

30 April 2008 13:00

27 March 2008 13:30

03 March 2008 12:45

Surf Canyon

by parmentierf (via)
# Improves your search on Google, Yahoo! and MSN # Quickly locates relevant information that's buried deep within the search results # Personalizes in real time: recommended search results reflect instantaneous relevancies, based on your actions

06 August 2007 11:15

13 June 2007 08:00

Référencement google à Reims

by drcreation (via)
Premier dans google en - 48 h, c'est possible avec DR Création. N'hesitez pas! Devis gratuit

29 May 2007 09:15

Google VS Yahoo VS MSN

by pokabudki
So Google has been dominant, Yahoo has been fairly ok, MSN…well….you know It seems that everybody has been struggling to keep up with Google, the objective has become “Keep your current audience”, not even compete with Google, so what happens when Google controls 66% World Wide Search Share against 20% Yahoo! and a mere 8% MSN / Live search?

24 May 2007 13:30

23 May 2007 13:15

29 April 2007 17:00

10 April 2007 13:45

Trouver des avatars

by djsunn & 2 others
Trouver des avatars regroupe des avatars pour les messageries instantanés ou pour les forums dans différentes catégories que tu peux télécharger gratuitement....

09 April 2007 00:30

09 April 2007 00:15

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