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October 2007

StarChild: A Learning Center for Young Astronomers

by knann (via)
Take the tour using Level 1 or Level 2 information. Teacher guide available.

September 2007

Research Project Calculator

by knann (via)
The Research Project Calculator which is aimed at a K–12 audience. The old version was aimed squarely at traditional research paper projects. The new one has broader appeal and includes information about essay, presentation, or video projects Once the project type is selected, students can enter their email address for automated reminders and the project due date. The calculator prints out a five-step research guide and deadlines for each step to discourage procrastination. The new site has a lot more supporting documentation than the original, and a teacher guide is on the way. This would be a great site to link to from a media center or other school web page.

February 2007

Homework Help, Learning Games, Research for Kids & Teens - [email protected]

by knann
Useful directory of resources for students . Search by grade level or subject area.

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