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20 January 2007 13:00

Kung Fu Angles

by knann
Practice describing the angle rotating around a circle ninja style

20 January 2007 12:30

BBC - Mathematics Skillswise -

by knann
Excellent site for older students to practice math skills. Only drawback is that money uses the British pound currency.

17 November 2005 11:00

Fraction Pairs

by knann & 1 other
Match fractions, decimals, and more in this electronic card game.

17 November 2005 10:45

Saloon Snap

by knann (via)
Try your hand at matching fractions with decimals and percent. Click the bell when you see a match.....better be fast!

26 October 2005 07:30

22 October 2005 11:45

Flash Math: Follow the Rules

by knann & 1 other
You must follow the rules to get through the maze. Choose easy, medium, hard. Improve your mental math addition and subtraction problem-solving with this game! Demonstrate with projector for whole class in lower grades.

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