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September 2007

Math Slice!

by knann
Online interactive math games and challenges. Teachers can generate worksheets and print as a PDF for saving.

April 2007


by knann
Great site for math practice. Each activity also has a magnify feature that is great for low vision. Appropriate for k-8

February 2007

Homework Help, Learning Games, Research for Kids & Teens - [email protected]

by knann
Useful directory of resources for students . Search by grade level or subject area.

January 2007

Free Touch Typing Program

by knann & 2 others (via)
Play online or download. Nice and easy interface. Good for middle school


by knann & 3 others
Typing letters game based on speed

December 2006

Grammar Games for MS and HS

by knann
Interactive games for middle,hs,and ESL students. Covers lots of specific grammar topics that are often confusing for students.

November 2006

May 2006

Tony Fraction Pizza Game

by knann (via)
Can you fill the customer's order with the right amount of toppings? Choose the Pizza size for the order then add your toppings. Click send to finish!

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