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November 2007

On the Trail of John Smith

by knann
Follow John Smith as he helps establish the Jamestown colony, explores the Chesapeake Bay, and meets local Native Americans in this new interactive adventure. Great for differentiation: audio narration with animated story and embedded learning games occur withing within the story.

September 2007

Our Jury System at Play

by knann
Our Jury System at Play The jury has reached a verdict! Justice by the People is a powerful new way to build your students’ language arts skills and understanding of civics. This national standards–based program, created by the Foundation of the American Board of Trial Advocates and Scholastic Inc., underscores the importance of the Sixth and Seventh Amendments to students in grades 5–8. This is an oustanding resource with all resources, including the interactive simulation, can be used online or downloaded.

Geography Thematic Units

by knann
The majority of the Thematic Units are written for ages 7-9. Younger children can use them with help from adults, and older children can use them for extra learning or for their reports. There is a cost for each unit, but it is only $2.00...a good value!! Must be purchased per classroom. Many other subject areas available.

ESL Teacher Resources

by knann
content based ESL activities and materials. Also useful for regular classroom use since many of the materials are based on elementary themes:lifecyle of the frog, insects,halloween, etc. Mixed in with adult ESL activities so previewing before using with students is recommended.

August 2007

Wikijunior - Wikibooks, collection of open-content textbooks

by knann
The aim of this project is to produce a series of full-color booklets for children aged 8 to 11. The subjects will be appealing to kids, and the writing will be light and friendly. These booklets will be richly illustrated with photographs, diagrams, sketches, and original drawings. The texts will also follow a format, so that each booklet, while different, will also have certain common features. Completed books include the Solar System and The Elements. There is also a collaborative book in the works on World War II. This could be a worthwhile project for 8th grade students to contribute articles. An outline is available.

January 2007

World66 - Your travel maps

by knann & 1 other
My World66 is a service where you can create a map of the places you have visited. Choose countries of the world, states, Candadian provinces, or European Countries. Generate the html to place in webpage or right click to copy or save image. Easy to signup.

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