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June 2008

Science Up Close: Gr 1-6

by knann
Harcourt science topics interactives with audio

K-6 Science

by knann
MacMillan/McGraw-Hill science editions online with animated and audio content.

March 2008

BAM! Body and Mind |

by knann, 1 comment (via)
From the CDC, a great interactive site for health topics: diseases, food and nutrition, physical activity, your safety, your life, your body. Resources for teachers here as well.

November 2007

Search for Your Favorite Animals -- National Geographic Kids

by knann
Search by animal category or habitat. Each Creature feature has a page of facts and photos, video and sound, map, e-card and printing features

October 2007

Solar System Quiz: Locating Specific Information

by knann (via)
Use this site to practice locating explicit information in passages about the sun and planets in our solar system.

SymbolWorld - The planets

by knann
Informative website about the planets with audio and symbol support.

September 2007

THE K-8 Aeronautics Internet Textbook

by knann (via)
Good source for students with a passion for aeronautics. Various reading levels available.

July 2007

Singing Science Records

by knann
Science songs on topics of space,energy &motion, weather, and nature. Right click, choose "save Target As" to download the MP3. Songs are definitely dated, but older students and music teachers may enjoy updating the music style, perhaps to a rap tempo or, be inspired to create their own songs. Good resource for differentiation.

Engineering Interact - Interactive science & engineering for 9-11 year olds

by knann
Designed for ages 9-11, these interactive investigations are perfect for differentiation. Investigations include Forces and Motion, Earth and Beyond, Electricity, Light, and Sound.

January 2007

Biology of Plants

by knann
Covers topics such as growing, plant parts, pollination, food production, seeds, and adaptations

What's it Like Where You Live

by knann
Biomes, freshwater, and marine ecosytems perfect for elementary and early middle school students

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